Artist Life, AI and Me, Design Inspo, Gmail trick, Reference and Resource

The hardest part: Subtle Maneuvers Mason Curry on the challenges of the artist life.

Rest or Regret: The Art of Lying Fallow in The Marginalian.

But use it or watch it die: May Sarton on talent in The Marginalian.

In my passive media queue: New “secret film” from Stephen Soderbergh, Command Z. A weirdos-try-to-fix-the-past-to-save-the-future streaming only series. A$7.95 donation required to stream all 8 episodes. Be tempted by the trailer.

I’m waitlisted for Google’s new AI research assistant NotebookLM. And Bing Chat is now my go-to search agent. It’s been very useful, even with some hallucinations.

Mass Delete gmail trick: This random guy on instagram shows how to delete hundreds of emails at once.

Beloved and invaluable art resource: Public Domain Review. NYT says: A gold mine of fantastic Images and stories. I cherish my copy of their beautiful book Affinities.

Design reference: An amazing collection of magazine covers: coverjunkie.

Lovely to look at: Collage mastery from El Beto Val.